Kagu - Australian Furniture Reimagined

Choosing furniture is hard. There are dozens of suppliers in Australia, each selling hundreds (or even thousands) of individual pieces of furniture.

Whether you're looking for a bedside table, an outdoor couch, or a new coffee table, the sheer number of options can be overwhelming.

This is made even worse when you know exactly what you're after (one round, marble coffee table with brass legs, please), but you're forced to trawl through page after page of irrelevant furniture.

Why Kagu?

Kagu aims to make furniture discovery and selection much easier, by allowing you to view all of the furniture available at the top suppliers in Australia, all in one place.

With Kagu, you can search for and filter thousands of pieces of furniture based on factors like colour, theme, dimensions, shape and much more.

Even better, up to date pricing for all items is available, allowing you to immediately filter out items that are out of your budget.

Welcome to the future of furniture selection - Kagu.

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